Muhammad Taufik Tirtosudiro

SAM GroundService Extension

A SAM extension that provides ground service functionality.

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Quick Facts

  • Year(s): 2021 (ongoing)
  • Company: Stairport Sceneries / Aerosoft
  • Client: Internal Product
  • URL: Aerosoft Product Page
SAM GroundService XP places the apron vehicles in the X-Plane flight simulator. Let the passengers deboard, connect the GPU or refuel the plane. All processes on the ground around the aircraft are simulated and displayed in 3D. From the chocks, loading or unloading of luggage or cargo, to the arrival of the cleaning staff.

Project Requirements

  • Native X-Plane plugin
  • Easy to install and use
  • Minimum impact to FPS


  • C++17

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